About Us

Our Vision

Our school is a place where students are given access to a high-quality education where social and personal opportunities are provided every single day. Curiosity, passion, and reflection is cultivated and challenges are only seen as a stepping stone to success.

Our Mission

That we uplift and empower every child to their fullest learning potential by instilling academic skills and character strengths needed to succeed in and out of the classroom. That we educate every child at every space of the school building. That every child in the school stand exceptionally tall as literate citizens capable of using good judgement with a value system that entails a strong love for themselves and others. That our priority be the success of our boys and girls.

Our Core Beliefs

Our mission and vision for our school are guided by the following core beliefs:

  • Our educational programs are based on high expectations for all students.
  • The school, parents, and community share responsibility and accountability for student learning.
  • Every child has unique strengths and needs.
  • Education should touch all types of learners in a least restrictive setting with varied instructional modalities.